Fault handling and maintenance of hydraulic universal testing machine
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As long as it is an instrument, there will be such problems. The same is true for the hydraulic universal testing machine, and some failures often occur during use. So what are the faults? How to solve them? We should learn to find and solve problems, and at the same time avoid faults and ensure the machine runs well.

Jinan Chenda Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production and sales of hydraulic universal testing machines. Here are some points for you to summarize, I hope I can help you.

First, the dial pointer has poor sensitivity, and there is a stop phenomenon after unloading, or the zero position often changes. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

1. The pointer rotates the shaft dirty and should be cleaned.

2. The pulley on the rack and its track are excessively dusty and rusted. At this point you need to remove the cleaning, plus a little watch oil.

3. There is contact between the racker and the rack and should be loosened.

4. The buffer return oil is not good and should be adjusted or cleaned.

5. The pendulum has obstructions during the lifting process, or the pendulum shaft is too dirty or rusted, causing the pointer to change back to zero.

6. The belt on the force measuring piston is loose or too loose (so that the piston cannot run at a constant speed).

7. The friction force of the force measuring piston in the cylinder increases or is stuck, and the chrome oxide paste is applied to the grinding until normal.

Second, the position of the pendulum is not normal, and the pendulum is not allowed to be vertically marked.

The main reason is that the viscosity of the oil is too large or the oil is too dirty. Remedy: Replace the oil with the right viscosity. The force measuring piston rotates with a large friction or does not rotate. Remedy: Check if the test machine is level and eliminate the failure of the force measuring piston. There is unstable friction.

3. When loading, the oil system is seriously leaking or the tubing is broken.

First, check whether the joint of the hydraulic universal test machine oil circuit system is tightened. If it is necessary to replace the gasket, it should be replaced in time. If the tubing is broken, you need to replace the tubing with higher strength. In addition, observe the oil delivery valve, whether the relief valve piston is dead or reversed.

The hydraulic universal testing machine is divided into a microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and a digital display hydraulic universal testing machine. The type of disc type hydraulic universal testing machine, but the maintenance aspect is basically the same, there is not much difference.

According to different methods and methods, hydraulic universal testing machines have many types of products. There are different product types.

Moreover, the hydraulic universal testing machine is not expensive, and the hydraulic universal testing machine has these different types. It belongs to high-tech products. Therefore, in daily life, how to maintain the hydraulic universal testing machine needs to pay great attention to the maintenance of the daily hydraulic universal testing machine. Only then can the hydraulic universal testing machine have a longer service life and more test results. Precision.

Control system maintenance and oil source maintenance four parts. The hydraulic universal testing machine mainly has main engine maintenance in daily maintenance.