MDW-10 Multi-function friction and wear testing machine
Product Features
1 Test force range: 50 ~ 10000N, test force accuracy: ± 1%

2 Maximum friction: 1000N, friction accuracy: ± 2%

3 Friction torque measurement range: 0-15 Newton meters, automatically display the recorded value

4 spindle speed range: 1 ~ 3000r / min, speed measurement accuracy ± 1r / min, servo stepless adjustable

5 Temperature measurement and control range: room temperature ~ 1000 ° C, temperature measurement and control accuracy ± 2 ° C

6 Test medium: air, oil, water, mud, abrasive, etc.

7 time setting: 1s ~ 9999min

8 Spindle drive is controlled by AC servo motor and control system. The high-speed torque accuracy of the motor reaches 0.2% or above. It can realize stepless speed regulation and constant torque output within the required speed range. The speed control accuracy is high and low speed output can be realized.

9 Computer and data processing system: use embedded computer, industrial control module and corresponding measurement and control software to realize the whole process control of the whole machine and test process, visualize the software interface, control and display various parameters in real time, automatically record and display various curves. Such as friction coefficient - time curve, temperature - time curve, test force - time curve, speed - time curve and so on.

10 stop control mode: manual / automatic (time, number of revolutions, friction torque, etc.)

11 device software free upgrade for life

12 oil tank stroke >45mm

13 spindle motor power 3kW

14 Test machine dimensions (length × width × height) about 1200 × 870 × 1700mm

15 test machine net weight 850kg

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